You see, it’s never easy when you plan to go Gold! Gold were the eighties, Gold were those oversize metallic blazers, Gold were the rings and the necklaces and the huge earrings, Gold was the Roman lavishness, Gold are some of those suites in mighty Vegas, Gold are the statues in the middle of Paris. Gold was Queen Elizabeth and The Beatles and Elvis and Queen and Pink Floyd and Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

Gold is a mood and it’s heavy and vibrant and empowering, ostentatious and overwhelming and it does make a strong statement: only the brave! For those of you who are brave enough to embrace it as the most outstanding fashion trend of the season, to wear it and pride on it, Gaia comes dressed up and wrapped up from one corner to another. All pure Gold. Gold Mania. Because Gaia is Gold and it’s not afraid to act upon it! So Thursday, guys, let’s all be Gaia Gold!

One Response to “Making Of GOLD MANIA”

  1. Cosmin says:

    Buna schibare(scindare).Poate niste papusi gonflabile mai lipsesc.Sa vedem ce impact are si poate o sa faceti un catwalk cu modele aurii….:D

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