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Ode to the Body it Was!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

There’s nothing like praising the body through a gorgeous outfit, a flattering color, a tight bodysuit or a t-shirt that needs nothing underneath. At “Ode to the Body” we did so and it got all so fashionably “bodylicious”! Some got the body, some got the look, but they all melt together and made up these most amazing outfits! Let’s observe closely!

Those Perfect Window Girls

Nude is Good

The Goth Touch

Design it Yourself

Soft Fabrics Show it Better

B(l)ack it Up!

Million Dollar Mix and Match

Bodysuit Alternative

Hello, Monsieur Gaultier!

Oversize the Shirt!

Lace on top of everything

With the right shoes

Naked Shoulder Meets Denim