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Royksopp for Christmas Mood

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

…si pentru ca este a doua zi de Craciun, si pentru ca ca maine va fi ultima, ne cam vine sa fredonam deja nostalgic ”Only This Moment/ Holds Us Together/ Close to Perfection”. Nimic mai potrivit decat norvegienii de la Royksopp. Cu ei defilam in continuare, insa schimbam piesa. Ceva mai nou, mai fresh, mai aproape de prezent. So very Royksopp though;)

Details Won!

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Either you got stuck on a necklace or on a pair of stockings, on that fashionably cut hole on your t-shirt or on that tattoo on your shoulder, you showed us that Details do Matter. You proved us right so it’s our turn now to prove the world that these were the best detail-oriented outfits of the night!

First we Write it on a Wall



…Then We Hang it From the Ceiling

Get It on a T-shirt


World Through a Hole


Details Stand for DIY


You can Always wear it on the Head


…on your T-Shirt, then on the Head again


Girls love Shoes, Men wear Skirts


Some spunges are made for dishes, some look good on shirts


Put it on a Full Shoulder


Something to Flatter your Neck


Mad Max Meets Orientalia


Power T-shirts


Call of the Jungle


Tattoo Looking Good!




Wear a Flower on your Shoulder

Studded Stockings of the Night


Dress is Less