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Smartest Romanian Colors

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

When you can turn your patriotic feelings into fashion, it means you’ve come a long way. And we did so last Thursday at our very special “Desteapta-te, romane!” – hosted by Laura Vargalui. It was the mix and match of red&yellow&blue, the unconventional fashion show to prove it so and a colorful hysteria that made us say: “Romanians have their smart way to fashion fashion”. So let’s now list the ones that did it best, as it follows..:

Soft Yellows and Light Blue

All the Red You Need to Know

The Chic’n'Cool

Belts, glasses, reds

Colors of the people, baby doll couture

Turn the Boas to Your Profit

The Proper Skirt

With a Side of Ghetto