There are always parts of us dying to see bits of the others. We may call that peep show. Or voyeurism. Or we may reach further more and call it…InTEAMity. We’re planning to look a lot into each other’s intimacy tonight. We’re planning to allow you to watch others through a peephole and engage in a fantasy of the flesh, of hide and seek and then seek again. Till a secret is revealed and another one is about to unleash. Because Gaia will let you explore the InTEAMity every month, from now on! And this is no time to play shy!

Some secrets should stay hidden but great ones should be shared! Especially when they are fantasies! Month by month, starting this Saturday, 11 of December, Gaia will get more intimate with you then ever and a new word will be on everybody’s lips: voyeurism! You feel there’s a wall between you and your fantasies? No worries! There’s always a peephole! ;)

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