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Signature of Alex Rusen

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

He’s got that hairdo you would recognize from a thousand ones, he keeps it clean and minimal (as doctors do), he’s got the fun, the mind and the charm and he has turned it all into major trademarks. Guys, time for us to meet a dearest, closest friend, a true-color Gaia icon, Alex Rusen!

Sure We Cannes


Plastic is Fantastic


Independence Saturday


(EMO)tional Style

Under Construction

I’m Coming, I’m Coming

G Point

Mad Hatter

Welcome to the Jungle

Age of Innocence

A Taste of Aristocracy

Washed Up


Summer Romance


Gaia High School

La Maison du Fetish

Knockin’ on Gaia’s Doors

Infamous Studio 54

Romanian Chic hosted by Loredana

Are you OPEN? We Are!

Desteapta-te, romane!