L’Atelier de Gaia

 This Saturday, more than ever, Gaia puts it all on Fashion! We have everything settled to welcome you into our perfect “Atelier de Couture meets Hot Spot“, Lagerfeld himself would envy us for. We’ll have our tailors create for you on the very spot whatever you fancy of. We’ll dance around sewing machines and see the tricks with clothes. And this is just Atelier de Gaia’s first episode. So stay tuned!

Step into the place where fashion it’s created, not only worn! We’re all crazy for fashion. But how many times did you think of how it’s made? This Saturday, 4 of December, let’s go back to the origins, to the CREATION! It starts with a dream, takes form in a pattern. The fabric touched by the magic of an idea that little by little transforms itself into a new item for your wardrobe…under your eyes!

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