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Another Year of Gaia’s Greatest!

Friday, December 31st, 2010

It’s been one hell of a ride this year! It feels just like yesterday we were walking around with our masks on entering the gates of a Venetian Carnival or wearing a black veil at our most Funeral Chic party. We went back and forth from Gaia Mamaia to Gaia Summer Terrace, in search of our G Point, of our wildest Fetishes and  obeying the most powerful Jungle spirit. We went back to High School and dressed up like true Aristocrats, we got stuck on a Decadence Ship and felt the 80′s vibe in the most infamous Studio 54.

It’s been the time of our lives and for all that, we thank you all and invite you to stay aboard! This past year was great but the future is yet to prove its best! And speaking of the best, one day away from a new year, here come some of Gaia’s best parties and some of your most amazing looks. We couldn’t have done it without you! So here’s to you, to us and to a whole Gaia world! Happy New Year, guys!

It all starts with a perfect Set-Up…


Plastic is Fantastic



G Point

Welcome to the Jungle

Romanian Chic – hosted by Loredana

A Taste of Aristocracy

Infamous Studio 54

The Haunted Mansion of Gaia

The Secretary



…and necessarily ends up with the greatest Outfits – in Gaia’s way!

Aviator…and flying

Courtisanes et Marquis

Gaia Nation Army

Funeral Chic – hosted by Ovidiu Buta

Plastic is Fantastic


G Point

Gaia High School

A Taste of Aristocracy

La Maison du Fetish


Romanian Chic – hosted by Loredana

The Haunted Mansion of Gaia

The Secretary

Infamous Studio 54

Some Violent Love

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Piesa asta ne transmite orice alt sentiment, insa numai “violent love” nu si tocmai de aceea am ales-o. Cu atat mai mult cu cat toata suflarea muzicii electronice a avut ceva vreme de asteptat acest al treilea album semnat de Matthias Munk Modica aka Munk. Oficial, albumul va fi lansat in martie 2011, asa ca pana atunci ne intretinem cu…Violent Love. Is there any other kind? ;)

Vive Le Chat Noir!

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Have our Chats Noirs brought you all the luck you need for what’s coming up next? Remember them? They were all black, leather and whiskers and they taught you some feline tricks you’re going to want to keep in mind. We also remember you and your outfits. Here come some of the best! Enjoy;)










Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

No matter where you are heading it always starts with the first step. Let’s enter together in a whole new world that awaits! You’ll find Gaia as never seen before, with new clothes! Shine with joy as you make your first step that brings you closer to your dreams, closer to the future! A first step hand in hand with your lover, hugging your friends, a first step with a smile on your face and with an open heart! You just have to make sure your first step into the New Year is with the right foot. We’ll take care of all the rest! “Surprises” is too small to describe what we have in mind for you!

Voulez-vous…à l’hôtel Margiela?

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Daca am putea scrie saptamanal cate ceva despre Margiela, am face-o sigur si cu inima impacata. Unora le place jazz-ul, altii prefera blondele, unii iubesc fotbalul, altii il adora pe Margiela.

Dupa ce a zguduit moda din temelii, iata ca Maison Martin Margiela se indreapta mai nou spre zona…hoteliera. Stim, suna comercial si aproape trist, dar nu e. Daca veti citi cu atentie datele problemei. Planul casei belgiene este acela de a ”restiliza” un hotel aproape patrimoniu al Frantei,  Maison Champs-Elysées. La baza un conac cladit in anul 1866 in spiritul traditiei franceze, hotelul va avea, se pare, sapte apartamente si zece camere de oaspeti.

Cat despre…”cum va arata” totul, orice speculatie este imprecisa, inexacta si periculoasa. Totul se va scrie, insa, intr-o nota suprarealista tipica acestui brand, indiferent ca face haine, pereti sau canapele in forma de buze (s-a intamplat cand Margiela s-a ocupat de designul unei camere din cadrul hotelului-spa Caudalie). Rezultatul se spune ca va fi vizibil in aprilie 2011, asa ca, daca planuiti un spring break, stati linistiti, Margiela construieste pentru voi! It’s gonna be really something to see!


Best of an Era – Carine Roitfeld’s Vogue Paris

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Cu toata harmalaia culinara din ultimele zile, era sa pierdem esentialul din ceea ce a zguduit din temelii lumea modei de vineri si pana astazi. Redactorul-sef al spectaculosului Vogue Paris, a anuntat vineri ca se retrage, dupa 10 ani petrecuti la carma uneia dintre cele mai glorioase editii ale Vogue-ului, la nivel international. A fost decizia ei sau nu, au existat sau nu jocuri de culise legate de presupuse acte neortodoxe ale sale, se anunta sau nu o colaborare cu Tom Ford pe viitor – totul se pastreaza la nivel de speculatie.

Carine sustine numai ca a ajuns la acel punct de multumire legat de imaginea pe care generat-o Vogue-ului francez, incat momentul retragerii nu putea fi mai oportun. Da, se spune ca este ideal sa parasesti un job tocmai atunci cand simti ca ai atins maximum de performanta. Iar o frantuzoaica acerba si intuitiva cum e ea nu putea evita aceasta teorie.

In luna octombrie a acestui an, Vogue Paris a implinit 90 de ani de viata, lucru celebrat cu un numar special, avand-o pe coperta pe manechinul Lara Stone, intr-o seducatoare adaptare all black, marca inconfundabilei Carine Roitfeld. Atunci, spune aceasta, “am simtit ca este o dubla aniversare pentru mine. Stiam ca nu voi mai ramane mult timp aici. Cred ca e bine sa te retragi cat inca esti in varf si cred ca acum Vogue Paris arata cu adevarat remarcabil. Sunt foarte mandra. Am o echipa exceptionala”.

Carine Roitfeld a dat Vogue-ului o dimensiune pe care – ne vei ierta, Anna! – nici macar Anna Wintour nu a reusit. I-a imprimat acel amestec de indrazneala, decadenta si placuta ostentatie, componente, de fapt, ale unei intregi culturi franceze. Mai mult decat atat, i-a permis un puternic recurs la sexualitate – scoala pe care Carine a avut-o, de altfel, in perioada in care a lucrat alaturi de Tom Ford, in anii sai de neegalata notorietate.

Si cum patria-mama nu ramane niciodata indiferenta la ce se intampla cu fiica ei de suflet, moda, Parisul va gazdui zilele acestea, la Carrousel du Louvre, o expozitie speciala dedicata celor mai emotionante, scandaloase, vibrante, marcante coperti din istoria Vogue-ului francez, in 90 de ani de viata – dintre care 10 i-au apartinut revolutionarei Carine Roitfeld. Something to look at while in Paris!

Vogue 90th Anniversary – the October issue

Royksopp for Christmas Mood

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

…si pentru ca este a doua zi de Craciun, si pentru ca ca maine va fi ultima, ne cam vine sa fredonam deja nostalgic ”Only This Moment/ Holds Us Together/ Close to Perfection”. Nimic mai potrivit decat norvegienii de la Royksopp. Cu ei defilam in continuare, insa schimbam piesa. Ceva mai nou, mai fresh, mai aproape de prezent. So very Royksopp though;)

Details Won!

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Either you got stuck on a necklace or on a pair of stockings, on that fashionably cut hole on your t-shirt or on that tattoo on your shoulder, you showed us that Details do Matter. You proved us right so it’s our turn now to prove the world that these were the best detail-oriented outfits of the night!

First we Write it on a Wall



…Then We Hang it From the Ceiling

Get It on a T-shirt


World Through a Hole


Details Stand for DIY


You can Always wear it on the Head


…on your T-Shirt, then on the Head again


Girls love Shoes, Men wear Skirts


Some spunges are made for dishes, some look good on shirts


Put it on a Full Shoulder


Something to Flatter your Neck


Mad Max Meets Orientalia


Power T-shirts


Call of the Jungle


Tattoo Looking Good!




Wear a Flower on your Shoulder

Studded Stockings of the Night


Dress is Less

…if it helps you fall in Love

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Cine nu a auzit de LCD Soundsystem, speak now or forever hold his peace! Despre ei se poate spune cu mana pe inima ca este cu desavarsire un proiect al anilor 2000. Ii cunosti pentru muzica dance si influentele punk si pentru piese precum “Losing my Edge” sau “Give It Up”. Piesa care ne-a acaparat astazi, in prag de Craciun, este cel mai nou single al lor si se numeste simplu “I Can Change”. Something you can write down on your wish list for the year to come. Daca e cazul;) Merry Christmas, guys!


Friday, December 24th, 2010


There’ll be much playing and hearts will be glowing when love ones are near; it’s the most wonderfull time of the year! Time to spend with your big Gaia family! Come to celebrate together the joy of Christmas! Let’skeep the spirit alive!

P.S. : Santa knows well where Tarmului 19 is! ;)