A TOUT A L’HEURE – Curated by Laura Vargalui

Another season came to an end! We “Zip Down” and we “Dare” to say that this was an “Electrifying” “Summer Romance”!!! Remember the times you found yourself “Knocking on Gaia’s Doors” as a “Mad Hatter” and that hot “Pin-up” girl said: “Welcome to the jungle”?! When you showed us your “Blanchitude” on that “L’Ile Nue” didn’t you think of the freedom of “Woodstock” and made you scream “I’m coming” to “La Maison du Fetish”?;) After that disco decadence in the “Infamous Studio 54″ and the hypnotizing “Kaleidoscoop”, it was time to get “Washed Up” and go a bit to “Gaia’s High School” and learn about the “Taste of Aristocracy” to be classy for the “Soiree Mariniere” and feel like a real “Romanian Chic”! To remember them all Gaia is preparing a unique fashion show curated by Laura Vargalui! Powered by Samsung Galaxy Tab! Dress Code: What was your favourite party? Pick one, come dressed as you were or make a totally new outfit! Orange and Samsung have a great gift for the most creative character! The new Samsung Galaxy Tab!!!

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