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Infamously Best @ Studio 54!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Such a night to remember! We had it all “dressed up” in glitter, silver and gold, we had those hypnotic discoballs shining on our dancing moves, we stood next to Andy Warhol, Cindy Lauper or Grace Jones and we all applauded the young woman arriving on a white horse at Gaia’s doors. It all took us back in time and again into the amazing present of Gaia’s version of an Infamous Studio 54! It was great, it was beautiful, it was all the outfits we could get! So here they are!

Lady Extravagance

Disco Queen

Acid, crazy 80′s

No Studio 54 unless the White Horse

Jumpsuits that ruled the Era

With Stars in their Eyes

Hair it Up!

Dear Mr. Warhol, you look stunning in leather!

Age of Colors

Blue, Blue, Electric Blue

We Love our Grace Jones T-shirts!

The Blouse, the Blouse,  such an IT-Blouse!

Wig-ful + short-panted = Disco

Stay true to Glitter!

Discoball on leather tie

Neon ON!

Remember the movie, praise the wearer!