Being Tudor Breazu

He’s what we could easily call “an embodiment of the controversial“. He’s got the most outrageous outfits, the most intriguing eyes and the coolest…allure. He’s Tudor Breazu, ladies and gents, and we introduce to you his most iconic looks @ Gaia!

Funeral Chic by Ovidiu Buta

Plastic is Fantastic                                                                                                                Gaia Nation Army

DARE by Laura Lazar

Hard Core                                                                                                   Sure We Cannes

Un Labyrinthe de Sensations

Be Cointreauversial

A tout a l’heure

Coco                                                                                                               Free(ak) Yourself!

6 Responses to “Being Tudor Breazu”

  1. Mira says:

    ce om frumos!:)

  2. Amelie says:

    those are some hypnotic eyes…

  3. Ruxandra says:

    Superbe outfituri! Some men really got the style…:)

  4. Daniel says:

    uite de ce ar trebui sa am rabdare sa studiez cu atentie tema fiecarei petreceri:P

  5. Laura Lazar says:

    He has his own rules and rules the Univers for that.. the one and only.. Tudor, beautiful eyes!

  6. andreea says:

    Very sexy guy!!

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