Little Black Dress comes in a Bottle

Oh the little black dress! Don’t we all have one, ladies? For better or for worse, for when we really need it or when we’ve got no inspiration for anything else, the L.B.D is always there to support us. That is when it comes to the magic land of clothes and dress codes. But wouldn’t it feel great to also have that special drop of scent that would ALWAYS smell perfect on us and always go well with our perfect little black dress? Well, the French perfume brand Les Parfums de Rosine thought about launching this “rose dressed in black” which would work as the perfect olfactory equivalent of the little black dress. The perfume is called Secrets de Rose and it’s all about rose scents, at its heart and at its head. But don’t think of it in a girlish kind of way because a rose has never been sexier or more feminine than in this perfume bottle! Kind of like the little black dress itself. So make sure it’s on your list of must-haves! Something to get you through the wintery upcoming times:)

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