Fetishes We Died For!

Nurses, cops, Cat Woman, leather, cuffs, chains, latex, white robes, geeky glasses and, most of all, lots of skin! It was Fetish style at its best @ Gaia! So let’s now see who got good on all those Fetishes in our mind!

Loved the “double skin” effect!

A man of so much latex!

Fishnet has it!

Oh, the leash!

80′s State of Fetish

It has to be the Anal Gel!

Fabulous Cat Woman!

Funky Fetish

Definitely the wig! And most likely that bubble skirt!

One wore leather, one wore chains

Studs go best on fur!

All that black & all that leather

Ah, the doctors!

Awesome blouse, amazing gloves!

There’s blood on your robes, doctors dear!

Pretty nurse, you’ve got some glasses!

Three for Fetish! Plus that pink wig:)

Police Department, we need more cuffs tonight!

3 Responses to “Fetishes We Died For!”

  1. Andreea M. says:

    WOW! Best Party ever! Si ce costumatii! Super!Bravo!

  2. Joanna J says:

    Foarte tare petrecerea!

  3. Tommy says:

    that’s the thing with Gaia! people know how to dress. and they always dress accordingly:) cheers, guys!

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