Confessions of a Face Hunter: Yvan Rodic met Gaia

He’s one of the world’s most famous fashion bloggers, the so-called and well known Face Hunter. Yvan Rodic started with a camera and a blog and became a major reference in what we love most and call “street style”. The queerest faces, the chicest or the most outrageous fashionistas from all around the world are to be found on his blog -  He was our special guest at Gaia last Thursday and also a proud attendant of the Absolutely Fabulous Vintage&Fashion Fair. We certainly didn’t miss the chance to engage him in a very inspiring, fun chat on fashion, seduction, face hunting and, of course, his thoughts and feelings about Gaia. Enjoy!

1.  What was your impression of Gaia?

It’s nice that you have the mystery factor because it seems that you arrive in the middle of nowhere and it looks like a secret location. And it was so cool that it was a rock theme and you would not normally expect that kind of a party in a beautiful place like this. There were real bikers, a tattoo stand. Such an interesting mix of crowd! And it was lots of fun! The design is cool, it has nice arty elements.

Push-up bra is a naïve conception of sexiness

2. How do you feel about the taste of Romanians when in comes to fashion?

Obviously there are people with good taste everywhere in the world and also in Bucharest. From my personal point of view I would say that there are some people and i think that in the last 5 years, thanks to the Internet also, the country has been catching up with higher standards. I really think that Internet provides information and people can get inspired. But I am afraid that you still feel the influence of Communism. It takes time for people to understand that they can do their own things, keeping nonetheless your uniqueness.

3. What do you think they are doing wrong? What common mistakes have you seen in the outfits of a Romanian girl, for instance?

It’s way to much push-up bra, I think it’s a naive conception of sexiness. If you show too much and you try too hard to be sexy you are not attractive. You don’t need that to attract guys. Or anyway, not the right kind of guys.

Seduction is about taking a step back, a step forward, it’s like a game

4. What do you think about the way guys dress like in the streets?

The guys are completely disconnected. There are some exceptions, of course. But in general, I think they just don’t care. They dress like shit and they get hot girls anyway. I saw many examples like this. Really beautiful girls with guys that look like retards. I was like…”Oh my God!”. But probably here the women are not looking so much for the beauty in the men but more for their strength or personality. I don’t think that for guys fashion will change too soon because for them it’s like: if I dress better it’s not going to help me in the process of seduction.

5. What should a woman wear to be sexy in your opinion?

I think what is beautiful is a balance between masculine and feminine. It’s very cool when a woman has, for example, long hair and nice lipstick with some elements that are more masculine, so the tension between them creates something that’s strikingly sexy. Seduction is about taking a step back, a step forward, it’s like a game.

Inspiration shouldn’t be imitation

6. What would be the fashion rules that you live by?

You should never try to imitate someone else. Just because some clothes look good on somebody doesn’t mean it will look good on you. In the end it’s about the chemistry between what you are and what you wear, depending on your personality, your body type. You have to know yourself. Inspiration shouldn’t be imitation. I don’t follow the trends, I don’t find them interesting. I like special, interesting people. Even if it is a cool trend it’s not interesting because everybody is wearing the same thing. I like it when people have confidence, they don’t have to be necessarily eccentric.

7. What made you start face hunting?

It started as a coincidence, just had a camera, I was living in Paris and I had so many interesting stuff around me and I just said…”why not sharing it?” Then it evolved. Now I do it full time. The blog and all the project around it: there are actually 2 blogs, a book, I am also doing lectures in universities for the new media, I am doing exhibitions, I am doing a web TV show, I do a lot of collaborations with many brands.  It generated a lot of interest and now it’s an obsession for people, it’s the blogging culture.

8. It’s true that you have a lot of success and you are not doing this for such a long time. What would your secrets be?

I am a scientologist. I have the right connections in Hollywood. Hahahahaha! No…just kidding! It’s partly a mystery. At the beginning I was in Paris with no connections, I didn’t know anyone important, anyone from magazines, so I really built my own thing just doing what I was felt like doing and then being consistent and hard working, then having an eye for this, then was traveling a lot. Apparently I am the one blogger that travels the most and I think this is a success factor. People love the fact that they can get the chance to see people from all over the world.

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