Probably when he was a child Emilio Pucci enjoyed so much playing with a kaleidoscope that when he was a grown-up, he created tons of prints for his designs just like the one he saw in the “observer of beautiful forms”. Taking the virus while working for Pucci, Matthew Williamson also played with prints, his point of view on them being more bohemian. Then comes the “enfant terrible” Alexander McQueen who totally revolutionized prints with his unique style! Roro Serban took her kaleidoscopic vision into photography for her latest exhibition that you can enjoy this Thursday, September 30. Gaia wants to take this even further and make you step into a fantastic universe of mirrors, colours and lights for a once in a lifetime experience. So no matter if you like them classic, bohemian or extreme , take out from your closet all those prints and wear them proud! Mix them up, create and make your own fashion statement!

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