Very Radu Mada!

He’s got the looks, he’s got the style and above all, he’s a shrewd observer of each and every dress code Gaia has ever asked from him. So ladies and gents, boys and girls, let’s “browse” through the records of the handsome and the iconic, the very…Radu Mada!

Electrifying Mad Hatter

Gaia Army Nation

Under Construction                                                                 Born to be Punk

Welcome to the Jungle

Soiree Mariniere                                                                                                                   Hard Core

Blanchitude                                                                                                  Loredana @ Gaia Mamaia

Plastic is Fantastic

A tout a l’heure                                                                                                                      High Class Farmers

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  1. giorgiana says:

    Indeed very Radu Mada!

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