IT-models are the newest ultimate trend. Agencies, designers, editors, stylists are always scouting for new girls and you almost daily get to hear: “Did you see the new girl?” She’s always the freshest model-figure: that girl in the Marc Jacobs show, the girl in the Dior add or that one in the Vogue editorial. New girls are always IN! So let us now introduce you to this American beauty or, as people may know of her, “the Prada girl”. Lindsay Wixson made the fashion world go nuts about her full dollish lips when she opened the Spring-Summer 2010 Prada show in Milan. She then put the morals on fire when at only 16 she became the face of the Miu Miu Spring-Summer campaign. Galliano adores her and we do too!

First come lips

…then comes Prada

And the rest is fashion history at its best

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  1. andreea says:

    F frumoasa si ffff fresh! She is soooo young! She is only 16yo :)

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