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Episod 1: Nensha…by Laura Lazar

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Laura Lazar is an unconventional fashion designer that wants to change the perception in people minds about the creation of clothes. She want to pass the society rules and anything that may constrain the process of creation.
With her latest project she want to go further and not have a typical fashion show, but her own art expressed in a revolutionary way and hopping to bring innovation by daring to be different.

So, her new collection is  presented in new manner. Instead of having a catwalk and models, it’s a short movie in which your going to see the new clothes design , but also a story of creation. People can understand better the brand Laura Lazar and what makes the person behind it creative and what is her sources of inspiration.

Laura Lazar gets inspired by anything that surrounds us…From a leaf to a building, from a face of a person to a pure feeling. She want to shout out loud that you can do anything with the power of your mind, and from something that may appear as a chaos you can create something beautiful.

She believes that by choosing to express her art in this form, the viewers can participate with them mind and soul into the project. They can be free to understand and to feel whatever they want regarding to them life experiences, them state of mind and them imagination!